The Wave Sales Illustration System
Most current version

The Wave 46.1 is the most current version.

You can download the installation file first. Then double-click the file to install; or run the installation file directly without saving it.

If any of the product illustration modules in The WAVE program are currently open, please save the installation file first; then shut down the WAVE program and double click the saved file to install.

What’s new for WAVE v46.1

  • Updates to the Underwriting Guidelines
    • Increases to our accelerated underwriting limits for all life products. This means that the only requirement is a Tele-Interview for these increased age and amount bands as follows:
      • Issue ages 18 to 50: coverage amounts up to and including $2,000,000
      • Issue ages 51 to 60: coverage amounts up to and including $500,000
    • Removal of ECG requirements in some cells (for higher coverage amounts/older issue ages)
    • Removal of urine requirement on critical illness insurance applications for ages 18-40 and coverage amounts of $100,000 - $250,000
  • Updates to Single Premium Annuity (SPIA)
    • Changes to our SPIA pricing structure will allow us to offer better pricing for registered funds with a guarantee period.
    • This pricing structure change was also added to the CANNEX Income Annuity Exchange service.
    • You can expect the same great user experience as the user interface has not changed.

We strongly recommend that you download the newest version to ensure the best possible client experience.

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