The Wave Sales Illustration System
Most current version

The Wave 37.1 is the most current version.

You can download the installation file first. Then double-click the file to install; or run the installation file directly without saving it.

If any of the product illustration modules in The WAVE program are currently open, please save the installation file first; then shut down the WAVE program and double click the saved file to install.

What’s new for WAVE v37.1
  • Financial Concept Updates

    • BMO Insurance Corporate Insured Retirement Plan
      • addition and replacement of columns for the alternative investment report pages to create consistency between the UL and BMO Insurance Whole Life Plan concept reports
    • Correction of concept graphs for BMO Insurance Whole Life Plan to accurately show alternative investment estate value (the graph previously depicted total account values in error)

    This version also includes other minor fixes. There are no other product changes.

  • We will continue to accept Wave v37.0 illustrations but we recommend that you download the newest version.

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